Breakthrough Japanese study shows that cats can understand
human emotions, even words

Dear cat parent,

Connection is a beautiful thing.

And if you haven’t been connecting with your cat by talking to him or her, now is the time to start.

My name is Jonas Jurgella and if I were a superhero, you’d have to call me The CatMan.

I’m an animal researcher and an Animal Behavior Specialist. I’ve worked with hundreds of cat owners to help build bonds through the power of language and conversation.

I’ve also been blessed to help lead the field in the ever-exciting area of animal-human interaction, both verbal and nonverbal, for over 14 years.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about something VERY special.

A new form of cat-to-human communication that
many cat owners have dreamed about…
but few have actually thought possible.

That is, until they learn about the latest science in animal communication, shocking new information which I will reveal to you in just a moment.

…on building a deeper, stronger bond with your loving feline friend.

And to be fair, one party already DOES understand the other quite well

Yes, your cat. He or she knows when you’re angry or upset, joyful or tearful.

You may have noticed this while spotting your cat’s reactions to you. Sometimes his hair will perk up on his back as you summon him to come over. He knows he’s in trouble!

Other times, the sound of affection in your voice will draw your cat right to your loving embrace.

Researchers in Tokyo, Japan found out this lesson through a careful scientific analysis.

“The Japanese researchers found that cats understand
humans, not just by voice tone but also by identifying
certain words including their names, the owner’s name,
various commands you’ve used, and many other
stunning eavesdropping techniques that you
had no idea about…”

They even understand our body language and vocal inflections.

As the parent, owner, whatever you wish to call yourself, your furry friend looks up to you, and has evolved to learn to communicate with those who stand above them and provide care.

Here’s the thing though… you probably have none of this skill. Not until you’ve finished this presentation, anyways.

But that’s okay.
Cats may have been domesticated to deal with us.
But we need to use our own brains to return
the communication back.

The Tokyo Research results on cat language understanding sent a shockwave across the animal communication field. As a fellow trainer in this area, I can tell you that this was basically our version of the 16th-century Renaissance, happening right before our eyes.

We took the lessons from Tokyo further and started seeing just how much we could communicate to these intelligent yet formerly misunderstood animals

We tested cats to see if they could tell when we were feeling shy, or relieved… more complex human emotions.

We would have participating cat owners say certain words and phrases like “Rupert, who’s the most adorable member of my family?” with a show of loving eyes, a look of compassion.

Incredibly, they showed it right back. They understood our love.

We continued this process for other emotions, both positive and negative. We were slowly but steadily building a mutual shared language between cat and human beings with every new discovery we made.

Now the process wasn’t perfect, as cats are indeed limited by various vocal and mental features that humans typically have a wider range in.

For example, cats use about 20 voice sounds to communicate to us humans. This is a fairly small number compared to the hundreds or even thousands of unique vocal sounds that humans can produce. This restrained us in some ways and forced us to use body movements to get the point across.

And boy are they subtle at times. If you shift an octave up or down, you may accidentally tell your feline friend you’re ready to do battle with her!

You can imagine how exhaustive the language deciphering process was. We are now 3 and a half years into this careful cat-to-human language process. Have we succeeded in building a mutual verbal understanding between parent and child, human and cat?

I’m happy to tell you today that the answer is YES.

I’ve titled our work as The Cat Language Bible™.
It truly is the go-to-guide for bonding with your cat
through language communication.

Just think about what this means for cat owners everywhere…
  • Have you ever sat on the sofa with your cat on your lap, just wishing you could actually tell her the level of affection you felt at that moment… using your own words?
  • Have you ever wished to have true, detailed conversations like a parent would have with his or her own child?
  • Have you ever desired to instruct or even discipline your cat without using a harsh voice, so that you could change behaviors without projecting negative emotions?
I’m very happy to say that you now have these powers. Because through our exhaustive cat language interpretation work, The Cat Language Bible™ can give you new, never before seen insights into your cat’s verbal communication abilities.

“Thanks to this book I now know when my cat wants to play and when she wants to be left alone (there are some huge surprises in cat language!), when she is feeling happy and when she is feeling down, when she is meowing for affection and when she is meowing cause she is in pain...not just that but now I know how I can effectively communicate with her. I feel much closer to her now and it takes your relationship to your cat to a whole new level!”
Mariah Walden & Minne, USA
“Before reading this book I had never realized how often my cat would gesture “I love you” at me! Now, not only do I understand when my cat is showing me affection, but I can also ‘say’ it back to him in a manner he understands. You can’t put a price to that!”
Deborah Smith, UK
I’m a middle aged guy who had gotten annoyed at trying to guess what my daughter’s cat was whining about, hence the reason I got this book. As strange as it sounds, we can now communicate and ever since tending to his communicated needs, he is no longer whining and we’ve become great buddies. I love the furry dude!”
John Higgins, UK
This is the guide that takes you from friendly
two word phrases that mean very little to your cat…
to actual conversations of the type you
would have with a small child.

Cats are amazingly intelligent creatures, in fact in some ways their brain even compares to a human adolescent.

You may have noticed how your cat even acts like a teenager sometimes! Other animals, like dogs, switch between simple feelings of joy and fear. But cats, having more developed brains can also feel lazy, remorseful, giddy, and a wide range of other emotions of significant complexity.

This is why it truly is my passion to help cat owners like yourself to take the next step and communicate with your animal at a higher level.

Because I’d hate for you to live another day being nothing but casual roommates, who give each other a wink and a nod… but don’t communicate any further.

Your cat’s meows and purrs are a sign of longing to say something more to you; as natural predators, cats only make sounds like this when they REALLY want to get something across.

So every time you hear a sound like that, you can be sure he’s trying his best to send you a message.

Will you receive it though?

Does he desperately need kitty litter? Does he want to remind you of your favorite show that the 2 of you watch together?

Is there a rival cat or dog lurking nearby?

Are you forgetting to take him out for a walk?

Or even to go on an appointment that you usually go to at this time?

Yes, your cat knows these things.

We were quite surprised ourselves during the hundreds of experiments we ran with our volunteer parents and felines of just how detailed where the notes that cats took on our lives.

You wouldn’t believe some of the conversations
and even exchanges of humor between cat and owner
that we witnessed. Who knew cats
could make us laugh?

When you order The Cat Language Bible™ ebook, you’ll finally be able to directly translate various verbal and nonverbal cues as well. The guide goes over very specific thoughts, phrases, and feelings that your cat also communicates via body language.

We’re also going to show you how to respond back in a more effective way than the basic words or commands you may be accustomed to right now.

Vocal inflection, which is likely your main method of communication, is a great place to start getting the point across. But using specific word patterns further elevates the conversation. That’s why we use words, after all!

And since you are now finally in open communication with your feline friend, you’re going to learn some new things about your cat that you never knew about in the past.

A lot of this may actually test your current thoughts about what your cat likes and doesn’t like about her home, her hobbies, and perhaps even you, the master!

In our bonus guides, we also share some interesting, never before published information on specific nutritional secrets, care tips, and other items that we’ve personally found many cats greatly enjoy – that their human owners often neglect due to a lack of knowledge of their cat’s true desires.

Now you’ll not only be able to communicate with the little 4 legged one better, but also care for him even more.

I want to be clear that The Cat Language Bible™ is a cat language course that anyone can get to intuitively understand.

In fact, this isn’t something you have to study at all, because you’ll be able to look right at the guide and make interpretations on-the-fly.

Not everything they say is good, and in fact if you have multiple pets in the household, you may hear some interesting remarks about what your feline thinks about them!

But as I like to say, knowledge is power. I’d rather listen in on my cat’s personal thoughts so I can know him even better than I already do.

The Cat Language Bible™ comes with
three free bonus guides to help you maximize your
new cat language abilities.


The Cat Care Guide teaches you how to show love and compassion to your feline family member in a way that few others are able to match. You’ll learn how to accept your cat’s feedback and give him the proper attention, entertainment, support, feeding, and anything else based on what he is actually telling you.


Our second bonus guide, Training Your Cat, is all about raising a well disciplined and highly respective cat. It’s no secret that training cats can often be more difficult than training dogs. But again that’s because they have more evolved brains. And just like human beings will sometimes want to dictate their own paths at the wrong times, cats also need a little extra guidance in the form of strong training practices.

This is a guide to teach you how to build obedience the correct way, using love, instruction, and language feedback all together.


Our final bonus guide is A-to-Z Feline Nutrition, and I’d like to think of this one as the fuel that powers our animal’s brains and bodies.

Follow this guide and you’ll literally allow your cat to live a life of strength, vitality, and creativity… or otherwise deal with chronic lethargy, fatigue, and an unfortunate untimely end.

Nutrition is absolutely critical for providing our animals their very best life, and that’s why this guide is so essential.


The Cat Language Bible™ is the culmination of all my research and everything that is currently known about cat behavior and feline-to-human communication. It will show you everything you need to know to be able to communicate with your feline friend and be the best care-giver possible. However, I am still actively involved in the research and therefore I am promising you that if in the future (following new discoveries), I release a new version of The Cat Language Bible™, you get it for FREE! And you don't have to do anything from your part - I will simply email you that latest version, so you can keep at the forefront of feline-to-human communication research.

What’ll I need to invest for the gift of cat language, Jonas?

Altogether this package would normally run you $199, and it would be well worth it at that price. You’re not only learning to speak to your animal and develop a bond and connection very few cat owners ever get to experience firsthand…’ll also learn how to turn this knowledge into the best care, training, and even nutrition for your cat that even your Vet doesn’t know about!

Speaking of which, you’ve probably spent thousands of dollars at the Vet for basic health checkups so $199 for elite level understanding of cat language and care is like a dream package, even at our retail price.

But because I want you to experience the joy of communicating with your cat without thinking about the financials one second longer, I’m giving you an incredible offer today.

Order on this page, and you’ll get our entire system for not $199 – or even $99. You’ll get the whole system for one low payment of $27.

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Cat lovers all across the country have ordered
The Cat Language Bible™.
Here’s what they’ve had to say about it:

“I found the information in this book absolutely fascinating! It gives a thorough explanation with pictures on how cats use their eyes, ears, whiskers, mouths, meows and tails to talk to us and communicate to us not just their needs but also their emotions. It also gives very good information on proper cat care and invaluable tips on dealing with issues such as spraying and excessive night meowing. I love that I can now finally express to Jinny how much I love her!”
Henriette Marandi, France
“How would you like to have a tool that could translate what your cat is communicating into plain English? This book is that tool that you were looking for – fully illustrated with cute cat pictures so you become an expert at cat speak!
Jody Small, USA
“This manual is a must read for every cat lover. I’ve been through several cat behavior books but none come close to this one in breaking down cat language to a level that is so easily grasped. The pictures are extremely helpful in conveying the message across and after going through this manual I immediately understood my cat better and now I’m a much better care giver and I have since noticed that my cat is being even more affectionate towards me. A great gift to any cat owner!”
Duncan Brown, USA
“Warning: a lot of the things you think you know when it comes to cat behavior are WRONG and this book will shock you! I always thought that it was fairly evident when a cat is happy, angry, playful, loving etc...but this book showed me that I was hugely misunderstanding my cat. I now realize that I always mistook her apparent annoyance with actual affection, her apparent grumpiness with loneliness, and I could never tell when she wanted company and when she just wanted to be left alone. Now I do and I have noticed that she is much more receptive to me and actually for the first time ever she has started sleeping next to me rather than running around meowing. It is an incredible feeling to be able to communicate with her – we now ‘say’ I love you to each other every morning!
Therese Linn (& furry Wendy), USA

There is no risk in this life-changing guide. If you don’t learn to
“speak cat,” you won’t pay anything.

If those stunning success stories weren’t enough, I wanted you to know that you’re completely protected by our ironclad, paypal-verified 100% money-back guarantee for a full 60 days after your purchase. That’s two whole months.

It works like this – if for any reason you weren’t able to communicate with your cat to the high level you expected, or maybe just didn’t have the time or motivation for it, feel free to send us an email to receive your money back in full. Without another word, we’ll promptly send the money straight back to your account.

Now’s the time to change your cat family’s life and open the door to truly understanding one another.

There’s so many more interesting conversations you can have with an animal that just aren’t available even with fellow human beings. I’ve seen it time after time, and the testimonials you’ve seen, as well as my own research, have made The Cat Language Bible™ the path to understanding your cat at a deep, personal level like never before.

It’s a bond forged from meow to hello, from cat eyes to your irises. The unmatched power of communication through speech.

This is Jonas Jurgella a.k.a. the CatMan, and I look forward to helping you discover the gift of cat language today.

“This is a huge eye opener for people who have cats and for all animal lovers in general. It is a very easy read supported with lots of photographs that clearly illustrated a cat’s language, whether it is communicated vocally or through its body language including eyes, ears positioning, whether the whiskers are forward, downwards, backwards, etc... It is an incredible wealth of knowledge on both understanding cats and communicating with them, so you can be a better cat giver and be able to adequately show your feline family member how much he/she actually means to you!”
Ute Fischer, Germany
“Being a ‘cat parent’ for most of my adult life, I was surprised at how much I actually did NOT understand when it comes to cat behavior and now after reading this guide, through understanding correctly my cats’ needs, they have practically stopped all ‘bad’ behavior and I have definitely noticed them being much more affectionate and loving towards me. It’s an incredible feeling being finally able to break down the language barrier between us and our most loved companions. This should be required reading for every cat parent out there!”
Anabel Daley, Australia
“I’ve got three cats – Bobby (in picture), Tiger and Max – and they have very different personalities. The Cat Language Bible has enabled me to see them in a totally different light – I now understand exactly how each one of them is feeling and what they’ve always been trying to tell me. I’ve found the part on feline-to-feline communication particularly fascinating as now I can finally understand their dynamic and I can adequately comfort Bobby when Max has been mean to him (Max never does this in front of me but now I know!). Great work Jonas, keep it up and keep us updated!”
Paul De Luca, USA